Standard Desktop License

All fonts purchased on our website come with our standard desktop license, which allows you to use the fonts in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects.

Use this license for desktop, print, and flattened (rasterized) images on websites. Separate licenses are available for use in apps, web fonts, e-publications, commercial servers, broadcasting, and more. Contact to discuss these alternate licenses. 

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Standard Desktop License Summary
You May:
  • Use the fonts in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
  • Use the fonts for graphic design client work (including but not limited to invitations, logos, packaging) as long as you flatten the files or outline the type before delivering the files to your client.
  • Use the fonts in books, magazines, and websites ONLY IF the fonts are used as static, rasterized images.
You May Not:
  • Use the fonts as web fonts or embed them on webpages.
  • Embed the fonts in electronic devices or within other software (including but not limited to e-books, apps, games, software).
  • Use the fonts in an editable format in themes, templates, apps, or electronic documents (this means you are not in any way allowed to allow third-party users to type their own text with the font and create their own, personalized content without securing a separate Extended License).
  • Give the font files to clients unless you have secured a separate, additional license on their behalf.
  • Resell or otherwise distribute the font, or any derivative of the font, not even for free.
  • Use the fonts to create letterform products (i.e. products including but not limited to stamps, stickers, type specimen posters) where font characters are reproduced individually. Word art is fine if the letters are not separable.
  • Use the fonts to create content that is broadcast or streamed on TV subscription services.




I spend my days drawing letters and ligatures, obsessing over negative space and proportions. I believe type is the backbone of design, so I design fonts that work hard and look beautiful.