We're so excited to bring you a brand new free font, Sweater Weather. 

Sweater Weather is a quirky, all-caps font with cut and uncut letters and numbers. It includes a full range of punctuation and a whole set of weather-related wingdings, among other fun extras.

Although it was designed specifically to be a free font, it was made with the same attention to detail that all of our fonts are made with.

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Live Font Test Drive

You won't be able to preview ligatures or other OpenType features. If you have questions about specifics glyphs that cannot be previewed here, please let us know.

Font size:

Letter spacing:

Line Height:

Sweater Weather Regular: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Sweater Weather includes the following OpenType features:

  • proportional numbers (this is where the alternate “cut out” numbers live)
  • fractions
  • localized forms (multi-language and multi-currency support)
  • ordinals and superscripts
  • stylistic sets (this is where you can find just the cut out bits, if you’d like to play with them)

The OpenType features can be very easily accessed by using OpenType-savvy programs (like Adobe, Corel, Affinity). (Some (but not all) of these awesome features can be accessed in programs like Microsoft Word, but you'll need to get comfortable with the advanced tab of Word's font menu. If you need help with this, find it here.)

You’ll find the best OpenType support in programs like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as apps from Corel and Affinity. Apps like Sketch 3, Quark XPress 7+, Microsoft Word and Apple Pages have some support. However, please note that cutting software (like Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, SCAL, and others) DO NOT offer OpenType support. 

If you’ve turned on advanced font features in software like Word and still can’t access the character you want to access, or if you are hoping to use these OpenType features with a vinyl cutter or other similar machines, you will need two things:

  1. a PUA-encoded version of the font (email julie@upupcreative.com after making your purchase and we will provide you with this specially encoded version of the font) and
  2. a Character Map app (both Windows and MacOS have character maps built in, or you can download a separate app like BabelMap). Instructions for how to use a character map can be found here.

Supports English, Western European, and Eastern European Languages.

Includes support for US, Canadian, and Australian native languages and Mexican native languages EXCEPT Nahuatl.

If you need to know if this font supports a specific language, just ask.

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I spend my days drawing letters and ligatures, obsessing over negative space and proportions. I believe type is the backbone of design, so I design fonts that work hard and look beautiful.