6 Fonts with a ♥ Built Right In

6 Fonts with a ♥ Built Right In - Up Up Creative

Emojis have made it easy for people to type using hearts now, but sometimes you want to type a heart with a font.

Not a lot of fonts have hearts coded into them, but here are six that do.

You'll notice a lot of these are Up Up Creative fonts. That’s because almost all of my fonts include a heart that matches the look and feel of the font itself. I've needed hearts too many times in my graphic design work to not include them for you whenever I can!

Press Start 2P from Google Fonts Midnight Edition from Up Up Creative
Kindly from Up Up Creative Noto Serif from Google Fonts
Source Code from Google Fonts Ten Pounds from Up Up Creative


I've linked everything in the images above if you're interested in using any of these. Everything at Google Fonts is available to use for free. Everything here at Up Up Creative is not (with the exception of Goodwood and Sweater Weather, both of which include hearts).